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The Peninsula Hotels centralised e-commerce solution

New online stores can be deployed in seconds and managed via one centralised platform, enabling insights and data credentials to be shared to maximize success.

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How much is your monthly plan?
Our pricing starts at $600 USD per month which includes your multi-store site with 2 storefronts and 5 vendors.
What makes you different from your competitors?
Localisation is much more than a language conversion or a currency plugin, we have built Techsembly to solve the problems that we experienced ourselves running a global eCommerce marketplace. At the very basic level, we help you manage multiple storefronts whilst tailoring content, product, price and language to your local market needs. Want to dive a little deeper into the detail? Here are some of our favourite features...
Multi-Vendor Marketplace solution:

Yes that’s right, we allow vendors to select which markets and storefronts they wish to sell to and to customize their products and pricing to the needs of each local audience. For example, you enter a new market and you see an opportunity to partner with a local brand and take a commission from their sales on your platform, why not! We give you the flexibility to truly localise your storefronts depending on the unique situation.

Sophisticated Pricing Logic:

We allow you to enable pricing to be set in multiple base currencies by product or region, whilst allowing for storefront mark-up/mark-down to address your local taxation needs.

Complex Personalisation:

We’re all about personalisation here at Techsembly, this is why we give you the functionality for personalisation of products through custom options, that can also be tailored by region. No plug-ins required!

Advanced Shipping Logistics:

The solution is able to handle complex shipping requirements whilst differentiating pricing by region or weight.

Headless eCommerce:

Our API allows clients to communicate with our backend service through mobile applications and 3rd party services/websites. So, if you wish to retain your own front-end, no problem!

Centralised Dashboard:

You may be wondering how to manage multiple storefronts (with multiple vendors!) don’t worry. We have built a centralised dashboard that allows you to manage everything or create permissions to empower your local teams to manage on your behalf. Pretty cool right?

How much does it cost to migrate to Techsembly?
Techsembly does not charge you to migrate on to our platform. Associated costs to your migration depend on your business and existing commerce platform. Migration is your responsibility, but we do offer some tools to help you with this process. We offer product CSV upload or feed synchronization with your Jetti account. Need more support, don't worry, our localisation team is here to help.
Can you guarantee results?
We can't guarantee results for your business but what we can do is give you the tools to stack the odds in your favour. We take localisation very seriously and if you are successful, we're successful so we will do all we can to support you on your journey. Have a question? Don't hesitate to reach out to our localisation
What are your credit card and transaction fees?
The credit card transaction fees will be dictated by the third-party payment gateway(s) you are using. We charge a transaction fee of 0.25% to cover our additional security requirements.
How do I start?
Getting started with Techsembly is simple. The first process is to follow the link through the techsembly website and at any point you able to use the helpful guides to answer any questions you may have and any problems that arise. We would like to first learn more about your business, help us by letting us know the details of your business. Following the business information, we would like to understand you better by having you fill up your personal details. By understanding you and your business, we are able to set up the platform that best caters to your needs. With all that done, you are all set and ready to create your very own online store! Welcome aboard with us!
Do I need to be or have developers?
Everything needed is built for you. With that said, you do not need to be a developer yourself or have developers to set up your store.
Creating and customising your store can be done on our platform by clicking a few buttons. If you are not sure how to do it, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to as you work on it. Otherwise, you can always reach out to our support team via the link
Do you work with 3rdparties?
Techsembly enables integration with 3rdparties through APIs. Our integrations include payment gateways, analytics and marketing tools and many more.
How do you provide support?
Techsembly ensures support is provided to you in various ways. The online support is available should you have any enquiries. You can reach out to us through our page.
The team works hard to provide you with the support you need at a guaranteed time period.
What payment types do you support?
We support the most common form of global payment providers, including PayPal, Stripe, Braintree and Adeyn.
Can I upgrade my subscription?
Subscriptions can be upgraded anytime. Simply reach out to us by dropping us an email will get in contact with you once we have received your request.
Does my subscription auto-renew?
Yes, your subscription will be automatically renewed every month.
How many products can I sell?
There is no limit to how many products you can sell. It's your store, you make the call!

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