78% of online shoppers are more likely to make a purchase from an online store that is localized.

Global eCommerce is exploding exponentially, but the world is changing. A ‘one size fits all’ approach no longer works. A Malaysian flag and pricing in MYR is not enough to make a site feel Malaysian.

For Global brands to be successful when marketing across-borders, they need to localize!


Leave the complexity to us

Techsembly Multi-Store allows you configure an unlimited number of localized storefronts from a single platform. New storefronts can be deployed in Seconds, with the ability to share selected contend, data and credentials across them.

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Each Storefront can be managed locally

Storefronts can be centrally or locally managed, with their own independent dashboard (CMS) for:


Multi-Store Features


Centralized Dashboard

Manage multiple websites efficiently using a single dashboard. Use the single database to assign different products, shipping methods, multiple currencies, language and gateways to various sub-stores. Track insights and analytics across all storefronts in one place and maintain brand consistency.


Unique Store URLs

Create multiple sub domains or domain for each storefronts to ensure more effective targeting and SEO (search engine optimisation).



Easily create new storefronts and share select content across website properties. Assign dedicated users to manage each storefront with their own dashboard and login, or manage all storefronts at a group level.


Store Specific Inventory & Logistics

Assign inventory at a central and storefront level. Allot different products to each storefront effortlessly simple by choosing and adding the products to the store inventory. Assign different delivery logic by product or by storefront.


Multiple Base Currency and Language

Ability to set up multiple base currencies and assign a different base currency per storefront. Use automatic XE tools or manually fix rates to mark-up pricing per currency. Deploy different storefronts by language, no need to rely on inferior language translators.


Different Payment Gateways

Offer different payment gateway options and payouts per storefront. Techsembly integrates with Stripe, Stripe Connect, Adyen, Braintree and PayPal by default.

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Manage Your Business With Next Level Monitoring Tools. Multi user Access. All of your data and analytics in one place, yet the ability to restrict access and insights by user.


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